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The Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton Flood Alleviation Scheme is a new 11.6km man made channel (now known as the Jubilee River), plus some five kilometres of flood banks, designed to help protect people, property, roads and vital services from flooding.

The Jubilee River looks and acts like a natural river, except that its capacity is controlled so that it will not flood. It has been specifically designed to replace habitats and breeding areas previously lost from the Thames.

The Environment Agency recognised that the Jubilee River would create opportunities for recreation such as walking, angling, bird watching and picnicking. Highly valued public open space is provided in abundance in this new and exciting environment, with pathways, footbridges, bridleways, and picnic areas presenting fantastic recreational opportunities, well away from traffic fumes.

The river itself gives a real impression of freedom and space with an average width of 50 metres, though some areas are significantly wider. It is bordered by open pasture, woodland and farmland, and for the most part is away from any immediate development.

Dorney Wetlands, a unique ecological study area, will provide educational opportunities for local schools, with bird hides, boardwalks and pond dipping platforms – essential elements to nature study in safe areas away from deep water.

Jubilee River near Dorney, Buckinghamshire
Aerial view of Dorney Lake and Jubilee River near Windsor
childrens play area
lovely beer garden in Dorney
excellent restaurant decor

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