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Dorney Lake is an international standard rowing and canoeing lake, park, arboretum and Nature Conservation Area. The project was financed and built by Eton College at Dorney near Windsor, England.

Dorney Lake was selected for The 2006 World Rowing Championships, as well as being the Rowing venue for the London 2012 Olympics Games.

Eton College’s main purpose in constructing a rowing lake has been to ensure the future of rowing at the School, however the governing body of the College intends that the lake and its facilities shall provide a much needed facility for the region and the county and be readily available for rowing, canoeing, corporate teambuilding dragon boating and hosting sporting events including triathlons and regattas.

The Dorney Lake, Park and Arboretum is owned and managed by Eton College.

Dorney Lake Park and Arboretum

Earthworks for the project were completed in the Autumn of 1999. The 15 acres of structural and shelter belt planting (16,000 trees) were planted in the Spring of 2000. This planting defines the shape and form of the arboretum and enclose and shelter the spaces in which the collection trees and shrubs are being planted from this year onwards.

The design makes particular provision for collections of oaks, conifers, maples, nuts, magnolias, poplars and willows and members of the Rosaceae family all within specifically designated areas as shown by the Arboretum Masterplan. Grassy open spaces surrounded by drifts of wild flowers face towards the rowing course and Nature Conservation Area beyond. The concept is to produce an attractive landscape which includes horticultural and educational interest.

There is also a pond and bog area to make a special landscape feature and increase the ecological interest of the arboretum.

On the northern boundary of the arboretum is a bridleway, cycleway and footpath. Within the arboretum a system of new paths will provide a network of varied and interesting walks through the developing woodland areas and tree collections.

A major part of the design is an avenue of semi-mature lime trees (Tilia Cordata “Green Spire”) framing a vista towards Windsor Castle, in the distance. In addition, from roads and paths within the arboretum, there will be views southwards across the rowing lake to the proposed Nature Conservation Area between the lake and the River Thames.

For more details see www.dorneylake.com

Dorney Olympic Rowing Lake in Buckinghamshire
Aerial view of Dorney Lake and Jubilee River near Windsor
Country Pub & Restaurant in Dorney, Buckinghamshire
Interesting local decor in character country pub in Dorney Village
Quality food and drinks in the restaurant at Dorney, near Windsor

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