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Dorney Court is approximately 100 yards from The Palmer Arms.

It has been the home of the Palmer family for more than 450 years, passing from father to son through twelve generations. The drive to the house, through ancient woodlands, passes the old Saxon winter larder for villagers, a pond, formerly stocked with carp, and its four islands where fowl and small animals were kept safe from predators.

Suddenly, the early Tudor manor house, a ravishing half timbered vision in gabled pinkish brick, comes into view, nestling close to the Church of St James.

“This is Dorney Court, a surprisingly little known manor house … happily genuine … an idyllic image.” – The Daily Telegraph

Dorney Court has always been the manor house of Dorney village which was first recorded in the Doomsday Book.

For more details see www.dorneycourt.co.uk

Dorney Court - Buckinghamshire
Dorney Court is approximately 100 yards from The Palmer Arms.
Country Pub & Restaurant in Dorney, Buckinghamshire
Interesting local decor in character country pub in Dorney Village
Palmers Arms rear beer garden and outside seating, Dorney

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